SEMINARS — Customizable and unforgettable. Your participants will walk away forever changed by the lessons learned. Specializing in life skills and organizational skills.

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING — Keynote Speaking, School Seminars, Social Clubs, Professional Gatherings or Business/Staff Meetings.

LIFE COACHING — Someone to come along side and help you through life’s toughest and greatest moments.


SELF ESTEEM / EMPOWERMENT — Assertive and empowerment training for men and women.

ABUSE — Sexual, physical, religious ritualistic abuse and battered women. We also run AMAC groups. (Adult Molested as Children)

VICTORS, NOT VICTIMS — Overcoming toxic relationships, circumstances, experiences and obstacles that try todefine you.

CHILDREN OF ALCOHOLICS — Helping children of alcoholics and the toxic behaviors that come with it.

ANTI BULLYING — Sticking up for yourself when others putyou down.

RELATIONAL ISSUES — Couples, parents and those looking for skills in dealing with others in a positive and productive way.

ADDICTION / RECOVERY ISSUES — Identifying causes and breaking the bondage of addictive patterns in your life.

AMAC (Adults Molested As Children) — Help for those who were abused as children.

PARENTING — Children that have ADHD, oppositional defiant or conduct disorders.

MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES — Educating schools, communities and organizations to dispel the stigma and judgment that comes from having a mental illness. Learning the skills to help and support those with mental illness.

MULTICULTURAL TRAINING — Educating in equity issues, intergroup relations and unity of all people in light of different cultures and backgrounds.