The Story of

“So many times we judge people or have been judged without people even knowing us, or our stories.”

Our world is full of catch phrases that are meant to remind us of a product or a restaurant or fast food establishment. We hear them on television or on the radio and we are instantly drawn to an image of something we think we need to eat or consume. As I travel around the country, no matter where I speak, no matter whom I am speaking to, I will most likely utter the phrase, “You Do Not Know My Life.” For myself, and so many others, this phrase has become life changing and life defining. To tell you the significance of this phrase might take a little bit longer than this little article will allow, but you can attend one of my events to hear all about it. Today I want to tell you briefly the story behind the phrase. I cannot tell you how many people have asked me where I came up with this phrase and I love responding to them with this story.

While in line placing an order at a popular fried chicken establishment, standing in front of me was a woman that was placing her order. She ordered a bucket of chicken, two sides and a large soda. The woman behind the cash register asked if that order was to go. The customer said “No, I will be eating it here.” The employee in a loud voice over the microphone said “You are going to eat a bucket of chicken, two sides and a drink all by yourself???” The woman ordering at that point put her hand on her hip and said, “YOU DON’T KNOW MY LIFE!”

That is the moment this organization was formed. So many times we judge people or have been judged without people even knowing us, or our stories. We make assumptions about people based on how they dress, what kind of car they drive, who they are partnered with, the church, political affiliation or clubs they belong to.

If you have ever been judged unfairly, put down, or wanted to scream at the top of your lungs at someone’s rudeness and inconsiderateness, then please pull up a seat and enjoy our publications, website and seminars. Hopefully with the stories you read and motivational quotes you see here, you will receive courage, confidence and hope in a world full of people who really DON’T KNOW YOUR LIFE!!!

—Eddie Peterson